At Docdata, we understand that your customers’ satisfaction is one of the most important measures of your success. We also understand that for an ecommerce business, running an in-house customer service team can be costly and labour-intensive.

That’s why our customers look to us as a one-stop-shop to handle their customer service requirements. Our highly trained team is well-equipped to take care of both inbound and outbound customer communications on your behalf, ensuring that every query is dealt with promptly, issues are appropriately escalated and that your customers’ communications are handled seamlessly.

However your customers interact with you – via emails, phone calls or even live chat – our call centre team will be trained with an extensive knowledge of your products and services, to ensure that we project a professional image of your brand. From delivery queries and product information requests to order status enquiries and even complaints, you can be sure that every interaction with your customers will be handled quickly, efficiently and above all, courteously. We also offer multi-lingual facilities which a number of our international clients already take advantage of.

Outsourcing your customer service operations to us means one less day-to-day process for you to manage, and gives you the complete peace of mind of knowing your reputation is in safe hands. 

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Customer Service clients

  • Docdata Fulfilment operate a fully integrated solution for the sale of HOF products through the eBay channel