Protecting your bottom line is as important to us as it is to you, and maximising our customers’ profitability is at the heart of all of our reverse logistics services.

A robust procedure for grading and refurbishment has long been regarded as the missing link in the ecommerce product lifecycle, but at Docdata we’re one step ahead. With our skilled reverse logistics team, you can trust Docdata to maximize the resell value of your returned goods.

Our purpose-built returns software can be readily adapted to your business, and our efficient grading matrix – designed to direct products down the most profitable route –means that your wastage is reduced and your profitability is maximised. We can fully refurbish damaged items to ensure they still deliver you the best possible return, and our strategic partnerships with the major UK ecommerce channels, including eBay and Amazon, mean that we have a host of sales channels at our disposal.

Our grading and refurbishment service gives you complete confidence in your reverse logistics process, allowing you to pass that peace of mind onto your customers through your returns policy, and ultimately drive increased customer loyalty.

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