Returns are an inevitable fact of ecommerce life. There’s no getting away from them, but it’s important to understand them and to put measures in place to ease their commercial impact as much as possible.

Understanding what is being returned to you and why is half the battle, which is why our returns analysis service is designed to help you gather knowledge about your business’s returns activity and leverage it to minimise the cost and volume of future returns.

Working alongside you, we will use our 13 years’ experience in the ecommerce industry to help you pinpoint issues and act to resolve them. Our failure analysis provides data that can assist you in identifying problem products or vendors, highlighting problems in the sales process – such as misleading imagery or specifications –and gathering customer feedback on your products and services.

We’ll help you draw informed conclusions from our analysis, with the end goal of minimising wastage, reducing slow sellers and return volumes, and maximising both customer satisfaction andyour profitability.

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Returns Analysis clients

  • Digital Stores is a subsidiary division of Universal Music Group, managing audio products and official merchandise for well-known recording artists, as well as around 40 ecommerce stores.

  • Docdata Fulfilment operate a fully integrated solution for the sale of HOF products through the eBay channel